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Unique Wedding Gift Artwork

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

I was delighted to create a customised wedding gift for newly married couple, John and Camille. They wanted greeting cards from all their family and friends.

I was given a couple of photographs to work from.

Here's my working process...

On this occasion I used a single sheet of watercolour paper (Cass Art 300gsm cold pressed (rough texture)). Sometimes I use a watercolour block which means I don't need to fix the paper down on a separate board with masking tape (to stop the paper buckling when water is applied).

Step 1: Create line art in pencil first (I use a Faber Castell HB). Then draw over these lines using a Staedtler pigment liner 0.05mm. Once the ink is dry I carefully erase the pencil.

Line drawing

Step 2: Start to apply colour, always starting with the lightest tones first (normally the skin). I use a gorgeous Winsor & Newton watercolour set (which contains 36 colours) although I tend to use the same few colours!!!

Line drawing with watercolour

Step 3: Add the finishing touches, which for me is always dots using the fine liner and for this artwork I've also used some metallic paint around the heart and their names.

I have a small palette of 6 metallic paints in varying gold and silver tones (MERCK 'Rheingold' - purchased from an art shop in Germany). Unfortunately you can't see the lovely shiny quality of these metallics because of the angle of the image. But when you tilt it towards the light, you'll be dazzled! :)

Final watercolour painting

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, I remove the masking tape (carefully!!!) and fold the thick paper in half to create the greeting card. Then it's ready to pop in to the envelope and post :)

John and Camille were very happy with the card, so much so, they asked me for a digital file so they could get an enlarged version printed ~ which really makes me smile, knowing that they loved it so much :)

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