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Art v Artist ~ My 8 favourite illustrations

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

As part of Instagram's 'artvartist' I have chosen 8 pieces of artwork which I feel are some of my best pieces to date. My style has gradually evolved since I started using watercolours for the 'first' time last August/September (2017) and I've gradually gained more confidence.

8 pieces of artwork by Victoria Ellis

I've always been wary of watercolours because of their tricky nature. I do remember trying them twenty years previously and I didn't get on well with them, I found the colours would go very muddy.

I think I now have the hang of them ~ by having a light and delicate approach and using the right amount of water! Practice makes perfect and I would say to anyone starting out, not to give up as you'll get their in the end. But if you don't, it doesn't matter, as there are plenty of other mediums to try :)


1) Test your colour mixes on a separate sheet of watercolour paper first to ensure you're happy with the result AND always mix enough paint to colour the area you need, otherwise you'll have to recreate that colour combination and you may not be able to achieve the same result!

2) Always start your painting with your lightest colours first as it's easier to add darker colours on top. It's pretty impossible to add light colours on top of a darker colour base.

3) Use just the right amount of water to ensure the paint isn't too thick ~ which results in a muddy look. If you have too much water in your brush, use some kitchen roll or tissue paper to soak up some of the excess before painting. I use this technique a lot.

And if you do happen to apply paint with not enough water in your brush, it's quite easy to add some, to make the paint you've applied more transparent. Just be careful not to add too much water otherwise you may have to mop it up with paper which could get a bit messy!

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